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New York’s innovative IDA World Congress is inside out

by Janet Strong
First published in the Examiner 10/04/13

The 59th World Congress of the International Downtown Association (IDA) will take place in New York on October 6 - 9 in what presenters are calling “an experience of a lifetime.” In store is a brilliant, bold, exhilarating, and risky experiment: hosting 800 attendees from 14 different countries (who may not have visited New York previously and aren’t necessarily fluent in English) and turning them out on the streets, Metrocard in hand, in a movable feast of urban and business development. It’s like no other conference envisioned.

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photo: Metropolitan Life Building by Alexandre Arrechea, on Park Avenue (2013). Public art installations enrich urban life.

TWA Terminal Eero

TWA Terminal Revisited 

by Janet Strong
June 27, 2013

Open House New York has always been special for New Yorkers but on Friday, June 21, OHNY upped the ante with a new members event in the TWA terminal at Kennedy Airport.

The terminal has been pretty much closed for the last decade or so following TWA’s bankruptcy in the mid-1990s, the sale of the “Flight Center” to American Airlines, and the subsequent construction of Jet Blue’s new aviation center at its rear. Recent security requirements, increased passenger volume, and jumbo jet logistics were determined more than the relatively small “functionally obsolete” terminal could handle.

Its useful lustre lost, the Flight Center basically became a nuisance facility known clinically as Terminal 5. No romantic notions in that. Threatened by demolition, it was saved by the New York City Landmarks Preservation Commission in 1994. But even after designation, vitality remained an issue as attempts to use the terminal as an exhibition gallery or for other repurposing failed.

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